Statistical Yearbook 2013

Insurance Benefits Climb to Record High

In 2012, the amount credited by German insurers to their customers set a record high, as total insurance benefits climbed to 195 billion Euros. This amount includes both benefit payouts and increases in provisions in favor of insured persons. These figures are taken from the 2013 Statistical Yearbook of German Insurance, published by the German Insurance Association (GDV).

The Statistical Yearbook provides an overview of developments in the German insurance industry and illustrates the industry’s significance for the German economy and society. Private households, self-employed persons and companies were covered by almost 460 million insurance contracts in 2012. As key institutional investors, with 1.35 trillion Euros in investments, insurance companies also steadily provide funds for the financing of real estate, companies, banks and the public sector. With a 31 percent share of the global market, Germany has also strengthened its position as a leading reinsurance market.

The data contained in the Statistical Yearbook
Aside from information about insurance benefits, the number of contracts and insurers’ investments, the Statistical Yearbook also contains data e.g. about the development of premiums, insurance companies, insurance industry employees and cross-border operations, both for the industry as a whole and broken down by classes and lines. There are also multi-year time series, reflecting long-term trends in the insurance markets.

Statistical Yearbook of German Insurance 2013

• Insurance industry overall
• Life insurance
• Health insurance
• Property & casualty insurance
• Reinsurance
• Overall economic data
• Social statistical data
• International reference figures

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