Cinema release of Spectre

Damage of 600 million EUR in new James Bond film

Old buildings collapsing in Mexico City, chases in the historical centre of Rome, planes crashing in the Austrian Alps: The new Bond film is staged with star-studded action scenes, where a lot of good stuff gets broken. According to estimates of the German Insurance Association (GDV), the claims in the new Bond film amount to around 600 million EUR.

While its producers had to spend around 275 million EUR to make Spectre, the claims in the film, admittedly of a fictive nature, amount to more than double that. Alone the residential buildings brought down in the 148 minutes of celluloid melee should have a value of more than 500 million EUR, according to GDV experts. The trail of devestation in Spectre extends from Mexico City to London and Rome and then on to Morocco.

Many car chases, a lot of expensive scrap
Bond and his counterparts are not exactly squeamish, even with automobiles. Cars worth a solid 32 million EUR are damaged beyond repair during chases in the film. These include high-quality models, such as multiple Jaguar C-X75s, Aston Martins and Land Rovers. During the filming, the producers had to write off even more Land Rovers. The reason: car thieves in North Rhine-Westphalia stole five of the luxury British ATVs that were slated for scenes in Austria. The Bond producers will be reimbursed for these claims, however, by their insurance companies.

The fictional MI6 secret intelligence service is likely also well insured, especially when it comes to residential building insurance. Whoever would like to know why, though, must go to the cinema to find out.