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For the first time: over 300 million property and casualty policies in Germany

In 2014 households and companies for the first time held more than 300 million property and casualty insurance agreements. Insurers rendered over EUR 45 billion in claims benefits. This and a lot of further information can be found in the Statistical Yearbook of German Insurance 2015.

German property and casualty insurers arranged 22.5 million claims last year. The total volume of paid benefits was the second highest figure in history at EUR 45.4 billion. Only the exceptional year of 2013, which saw an accumulation of natural disasters, surpassed the benefits volume with a still higher total of EUR 49.7 billion.

Property and casualty insurance covers an enormous range of risks for individuals and companies—from bicycles to wind turbines. Of the good 301 million policies in private and commercial property and casualty insurance, over 110 million risks are insured in motor insurance. A sound 54 million agreements are attributable to private property assurance, above all for protection against damage to contents and homes.

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The current Statistical Yearbook provides further information on the German insurance industry—from business performance in individual insurance lines to an international comparison of insurance markets to the economic and societal environment for insurers.

Statistical Yearbook of German Insurance 2015


• Insurance industry overall
• Life insurance
• Health insurance
• Property & Casualty insurance
• Reinsurance
• Overall economic data
• Social statistical data
• International reference figures

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