Ampelini XL

German Insurers Accident Research introduces a new app for children’s safety

Introducing Ampelini XL, a children’s safety app from the UDV (German Insurers Accident Research). This app is the second in the Ampelini series and is now available in both German and English. The name Ampelini comes from the German word “Ampel” and means traffic lights. The premise of the app is to playfully prepare children 3 years and up to deal safely with potential dangers in traffic and other recreational activities. Parents can find the app for free in the App-Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on GooglePlay for Android.

In this new interactive Ampelini world, children move through a fantasy-filled cityscape filled with funny and at the same time educational surprises, animations and search-games. Along the way they get help by the cartoon characters Gina, Rocco and Grecco, who also appeared in the previous Ampelini app. The goal of the app was to involve touchscreen technology in the game development, so that preschool-aged children could depend even more on their tactile senses to use it.

The app covers subjects such as safe behavior at the bus stop, traffic lights, in driveways and at the swimming pool. Bicycle safety in traffic is also explained. There is subtle learning effect with the games, but above all Ampelini XL offers children a colorful fantasy world full of funny creatures and lots of fun.

The games don’t require language or reading skills, are simple to use and can be played offline as often as desired. Like all other Ampelini products, Ampelini XL is free, contains no advertisements and any child can play instantly without registering or entering personal details.

The concept of this app is based on its predecessor on the Ampelini website, which was named the best children’s website at Germany’s GOLDEN SPARROW children’s media festival of 2011. Additionally, www.ampelini.de received the “Erfurter Netcode,” a quality seal for safe children’s websites that support the social and cognitive development of children.

About the German Insurers Accident Research
The UDV (German Insurers Accident Research) (www.udv.de), a division of the German Insurance Association (GDV) (www.gdv) has been researching and consulting on matters related to safety improvement and accident prevention on German streets for over 50 years. It is also one of the biggest contract authorities for university and non-university traffic safety research. The UDV maintains an exchange with other institutes devoted to traffic safety. The German insurers expressly acknowledge their commitment to societal responsibility for traffic safety.