Statistical Yearbook 2016

5,200 euros paid out to customers each second

German life and property & casualty insurers have paid out benefits amounting to appr. 163.7 bn. Euros to their customers last year, the German Insurance Association (GDV) reports in its Statistical Yearbook 2016. This equals 5,200 euros per second.

In property & casualty insurance , the volume of benefits rose to a level of 48.1 bn. euros, which is an increase of 5.9 % compared to 2014. This very high level has only been exceeded once in the year 2013 (49.7 bn. euros), which was marked by an exceptional accumulation of natural catastrophes.

Life insurance benefits at their second highest level in history
With 115.5 bn. euros, life insurance benefits (without Pensionskassen and pension funds) have climbed to their second highest level so far. Compared to the record-breaking year 2014, this is a decrease of 5.0 %. Life insurance benefits are composed of two factors: annuities and capital sums paid out to customers (2015: 82.3 bn. euros) as well as the increase in liabilities to policyholders.

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The Statistical Yearbook 2016 provides a wealth of additional information on the German insurance industry, dealing with a variety of subjects ranging from the business development in life-, private health- and property & casualty insurance via a comparative overview of international insurance markets to the economic and social framework conditions faced by insurers. This makes our Statistical Yearbook a valuable reference for anyone seeking a fact-based overview of the German insurance industry and their economic environment.

Statistical Yearbook of German Insurance 2016


• Insurance industry overall
• Life insurance
• Healthcare insurance
• Property & casualty insurance
• Reinsurance
• Overall economic data
• Social statistical data
• International reference figures

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