Frontier Insurance

Mandatory motor vehicle insurance for foreign tourists

The Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castle or the Hofbräuhaus – German tourist attractions are a magnet for international visitors. Non-European tourists travelling with their own car need to make sure they are properly insured, though. That is where so-called Frontier Insurance comes in.

Is a motorist planning to enter with his/her vehicle which is registered in a country not affiliated to the Green Card System, e.g. Canada, USA and other countries, the territory of Germany, he/she is obliged to provide insurance cover against civil vehicle liability (MTPL) – so called Frontier Insurance. That applies unless he/she is in the possession of a Green Card and/or Frontier Insurance policy issued by an insurance company from any member country of the Green Card System valid for the entire territory of the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Such Frontier Insurance shall be normally effective for a minimum period of one month and for no longer than one year. In case the validity of the Frontier Insurance expires before the motorist has left the territory of Germany/the territory of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, the motorist is obliged to conclude another contract before the expiry term of the valid insurance to ensure that his/her vehicle is continuously insured.

The frontier insurance policy is usually issued together with a Green card certificate and can be taken from any MTPL insurer in Germany.

The motorist is obliged to keep with him the frontier insurance policy together with the Green Card Certificate and to submit it before the police authorities upon request as an evidence of the insurance cover of his/her vehicle.