#GDV­live - You Ask, We Ans­wer

A "rever­sed" Panel on Sustaina­ble Ins­urance

At #GDVlive we talk about the Sustainable Action Plans and the Green Deal agenda in the European Union. In a “reversed” panel discussion we answer the questions by MEP Paul Tang - Member of the ECON committee and one of the leading voices on sustainability matters – on the progress made in legislation and on the ground.

As the Sustainable Action Plans and the Green Deal agenda are in accelerated speed transformed into numerous legislative and regulatory changes and the insurance sector engages in a growing number of voluntary initiatives on the path to sustainable insurance and economy we would like to halt for a little moment and get a critical check. 

We cordially invite you to participate in the exciting discussion with our distinguished panel:

  • Paul Tang - Member of the European Parliament
  • Monika Köstlin - Chief Executive Officer, Kieler Rück
  • Stefan Lehmann - Chief Business Officer, Generali Deutschland AG

Moderation: Jörg Asmussen - Chief Executive Officer, German Insurance Association

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